Operation Nehemiah

Operation Nehemiah

Operation Nehemiah is a divinely inspired, collective strategic initiative to respond to the current state of the SCFSU movement in Jamaica with the view to rebuild, fortify and sustain its foundational pillars.

The Current State of Affairs

SCFSU has been struggling to service its ministry with increased difficulty in the last ten years. We have not been able to have the adequate number of personnel to reach the schools and colleges. Members of staff have not had adequate resources for transportation to schools. Our retreats and training seminars have been reduced because of lack of funds. We now have staff advisors and student leaders who have never been to a training seminar. Each high school staff worker has over fifty schools to service and there is only one UCCF staff worker for the tertiary campuses consequently their presence at each school is limited.  Additionally, less than 50 persons contribute regularly to the work.

The Dilemma

Although the Jamaican work is over 65 years old and has more graduates and a larger population than any other territory in the Caribbean, it has the smallest staff to student ratio. Guyana for example has eight field staff, even with an economy that has some of the same challenges that Jamaica does.

SCFSU is a sleeping giant. Our reach as a movement in terms of schools involved and our storehouse of graduates is a large untapped resource which could more than adequately fund the organization if the over 100 tertiary graduates each year would support the work. 

The Concept

The organisation will be moving from a fund raising modality to that of support development. Support development includes encouraging persons to become partners of the movement who provide various type of assistance in specific ways over a period of time.