Staffworker Profiles

 UCCF National - 20 Tertiary Campuses
 Paul Lewis the newly appointed National UCCF Staff worker has taken the reigns from the former Staff Worker Floyd  Wilson. Paul has been the Eastern Region ISCF Staff Worker for the past 3 years and his impact has been a blessing.  With Paul’s experience in tertiary ministry from his Campus Kairos days, Paul and the UCCF are a perfect match. 
 ISCF Eastern Region- 97 Secondary Schools
Latavia Henry-Campbell is the Field Staff Supervisor at SCFSU. She is a graduate of St Hilda's High School, Knox Community College and The University of the West Indies where she was actively involved in the ISCF and UCCF groups. After completing her Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacology, she responded to God's call to student ministry and has been with SCFSU since 2015. Her vision is to see young people come into a close relationship with God and His Word. 
Teisha Nelson-Watson is an investor in the Kingdom of God, serving as Western Region Staffworker of SCFSU (Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union) aka ISCF Jamaica. She covers the parishes of Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland. Teisha was introduced to ISCF during her high school years at Ocho Rios High School. She became an active member of UCCF during her time at Sam Sharpe Teachers' College (SSTC). Teisha became a Supporter immediately after SSTC. In September 2007, she first joined SCFSU as Staffworker. Due mainly to family and health, Teisha temporarily stepped out from SCFSU but returned in August 2019. She's popularly known as Auntie Teisha and is enthusiastically dedicated to the mission, "To know Christ and to make HIM known."
Canace Morgan is a past student of St Andrew High School for girls and a veteran ISCFer.
Knowing Christ and making him known became a major theme in her life after becoming a Christian through ISCF. This has led to multiple mission trips and her current position as Camp Coordinator and Staff Worker at Student Christian Fellowship & Scripture Union (ISCF). Holding a degree in Psychology and dance this creative and entrepreneur has a sincere passion for fellowship. She believes that God has made us individually to reflect him and that living in community with the body of Christ is one of God's giftS to us to live life abundantly.
Lillanie Richards-Miller is the Field Staff Worker for the Central region and has been for the past 3 years.  She graduated from Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean with a Bachelors degree in theology with a minor in Guidance and Counseling. As the Field Staff, her job is to oversee all the ISCF groups in the region (Manchester, Clarendon, St. Elizabeth, and parts of St. Catherine) and to give support in any way that the groups require.